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Covering the needs of your pets
Digital Radiography

Our digital x-ray equipment provides our vets with clear high-quality imagery to facilitate accurate diagnosis. Customers can view on-screen results to aid understanding and discussion with the vet about the best course of treatment.


Pregnancy diagnosis and soft tissue imaging without the need for anaesthesia. This safe, non-invasive service allows our vets to get a clear view of internal organs and possible issues which could otherwise go unnoticed.


An aid to diagnosis in ear and skin infections; blood disorders; and parasites. This can be used alongside our laboratory analysers to further any investigations required for your pet.


Where specialised treatment is required we are able to refer pets to the appropriate service. To ensure a smooth transition and best possible care we will always provide the full pet history to the recommended specialist.


Identity chips keep your pets safe and can be inserted by our vets or nurses. They provide a quick, easy and universal method of identification, reuniting you and your pets should they go missing. This can be extremely useful in cases of disputed ownership.

Minor Procedures

Appointments can be made with our nurses or registered nurses for procedures such as microchipping; nail clipping; ear cleaning; dressing changes; beak and claw clippings; to name but a few. Please call to have a chat and arrange any service your pet may require.

General Practice

Consultation time with our experienced vets to provide initial diagnosis, treatment or advice as required. Prescription and non-prescription medicines can be dispensed from the in-house pharmacy.

Lab Analysis

We utilise the latest industry technology in haematology and biochemistry. The Skyla VB1 and the InSight 5 Diff Retic analysers provide extensive fast and reliable results in both disciplines for accurate diagnosis, pre-anaesthetic checks and disease monitoring.

Dental Treatment

Our nurses provide effective guidelines for preventative measures against dental disease. With the use of ultrasonic equipment our vets carry out any required dental surgery. Together they ensure your pet is healthy and happy to enjoy all their treats.


Our practice provides general surgery which covers a wide range of operations to get your pets back on their feet, from emergency treatment following accidents to scheduled procedures such as neutering.

In-Patient Cover

To provide the best possible continuity of care for your pets our team provide overnight in-patient cover for any day patients requiring an extended stay.

Nurse Clinics

Free appointments with our nurses for advice on a wide range of issues. This includes weight and diet advice; flea, tick and worming advice; post-op check-ups; stitch removal; behavioural guidance; puppy/kitten clinics; and similar services.